Introducing Marketplace

Marketplace is a virtual distribution service that enables brands to get listed with e-commerce retailers across Canada.

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Anti-Aging Health

Heart & Cardiovascular

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Digestive, Health & Cleansing

Immune, Cold, Flu & Allergies

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We offer

Product warehousing
Online inventory
Order fulfillment
Customer insights
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One time listing fee: $25
Warehousing and fulfillment: $29 / month
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What is Virtual Distribution?

It’s when retailers sell products and earn proceeds, without carrying physical inventory.

How do retailers get involved with Marketplace?

Register with NHPDirect and get a Shopify store. Prices start at $695 plus tax.

What is involved with the one-time listing fees?

The listing fees include data entry for your products, formatting images and SEO keyword research.

How many products should I warehouse?

We recommended up to 30 units for each SKU to start.

What type of retailers will sell my products?

We distribute products to large retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Ebay, as well independent health food stores, and healthcare practitioners, can sell your products too.

What type of brands get listed in the Marketplace?

We work with brands in the natural product category who sell Health Canada approved vitamin / supplements, beauty care and grocery products.

Will I be able to view and track my sales?

You’ll have online access to track your inventory and sales with participating retailers.

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