Introducing Storefront

Sell your products through your own branded e-commerce Storefront

“People want to see how other people use products or services to make their lives better before buying”.

- Ming Tse, Co-founder Peopletail.

With your own Storefront, you can bring your products to life through people marketing and selling your products.

Harness the power of people-to-people shopping.

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We handle and provide

    Warehousing of your products
    Software to view your inventory online
   Your e-commerce order fulfillment
    Customer insights and analytics
   Opportunity to virtually distribute your products through Marketplace


One-time listing fee: $25
Warehousing and fulfillment: $49 / month

Number of products ( 1 - 100 )

If you have more than 100+ products, Contact us


How is Storefront different from Shopify?

Storefront provides brands with a wholesale listing service for their products. By listing products at wholesale value, it allows both the brand owner and users in the Peopletail community to sell them and earn retail margins that are available each time sales are generated.

What type of brands are best suited to use Storefront?

We feel Storefront is best suited for brands that have a smaller catalogue of products and want an end-to-end e-commerce presence to sell, warehouse and fulfill their products.

What is Marketplace?

Marketplace offers brands a virtual distribution service to extend the number of sites and channels their products can be sold. Each time products are sold in a Marketplace Channel, it is fulfilled from our warehouse.

What is Peopletail TV?

Think of Peopletail TV as your own home- shopping channel that is embedded into your Storefront where you can play videos that explain your product. You can upload your own videos or them made by users in the Peopletai community through our marketing programs.

What are Opportunities?

Because brands list their products at wholesale value, they can offer an Opportunity, which is a percentage sales reward (e.g. a commission) that is paid to user in the Peopletail community that generates sales for your products.

What’s involved with the one-time listing fees?

The listing fees include data entry for your products, formatting images and SEO keyword research.

How many products should I warehouse?

We recommended up to 30 units for each SKU to start. These products are held securely at our warehouse, and you have online access to view the inventory. As it depletes, we ask you replenish your inventory to ensure you never miss out on a sale.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract to have Storefront?

There is no long-term contract for your Storefront. It is billed month-to-month and you can cancel with 30-days notice.

What type of brands can get a Storefront?

Currently, we work with brands in the general health and wellness and the natural product category who sell Health Canada approved products.

How are returns handled?

We have a standard return policy where your products can only be returned if 1) they are unopened and unused 2) they apply for a return within 14 days of receiving it 3) all returns are approved on a case by case basis. In every situation, we attempt to rectify the matter and ensure the customer is happy.

Who owns the customer information each time an order is placed?

Peopletail owns the customer data and we provide marketing opportunities to those who opt-into receiving communications afterwards.

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